Tufts is not alone in working to solve our most pressing challenges. But how we approach these problems is singular. 

What's the Tufts difference? Our people.

Our community of teachers, researchers, scholars, students, and staff are dedicated to problem-solving for greater societal contribution. We ask the questions required to understand the causes of our global challenges, not just in order to address the visible symptoms. And we approach problem-solving in ways that amplify diverse perspectives and explore beyond traditional boundaries to bridge the gap between current knowledge and future possibilities.

To bridge that gap, we are investing in educational innovation, both in pedagogy and in its implementation, so our students are empowered to become influential leaders no matter where their paths take them after they graduate. That’s an investment deeply rooted in our ethos of Tufts people driving social change for the greater good.

Nan Xiao

The mentorship of esteemed faculty and the support from passionate students provided a fertile ground for my research pursuits. This invaluable experience at Tufts is instrumental in shaping my future orientation as a researcher in developmental science focusing on marginalized populations and individuals.

Nan Xiao President, Tufts University Postdoctoral Association