Tufts Research By the Numbers (FY23)

$ 247 M

Total research expenditures (FY23)


Awards (FY23)


Invention disclosures (FY23)


Tech startups founded on Tufts IP (FY23)

Cellular Agriculture

The Tufts Center for Cellular Agriculture is overcoming fundamental technical challenges in the field, developing standards, and sharing knowledge that will change how we eat.


By 2034, people aged 65 and older will outnumber those 18 and younger, according to population projections from the U.S. Census Bureau. Tufts researchers are shedding new light on the complex questions raised by that reality, including issues like public health, the economy, and the workforce, with potential benefits for populations worldwide. 

Advancing Democracy

A national leader in advancing the skills and values that support a robust and inclusive democracy, Tufts prepares students for a lifetime of engagement in democratic practices while furthering an understanding of civic life and its intersections with public and private institutions.

Brain Health

From harnessing memory processes with the goal of developing novel interventions for emotional disorders to studying the neuromechanics of locomotion, Tufts researchers study a broad range of topics that shed light on the workings of the brain.